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Welcome to my Portfolios page!

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Date: 2015.1.21

This page is my portfolios page.

1.0. 1st Semester Portfolio

I started to write blog at March but I couldn't wrote enough because March was spring vacation. Although I wrote many blog from April because it was started school at April. Finally I could wrote more 8000 words!
Its content of  Blog posts, Words count, etc... in 1st semester.

1.1. Essay Showcase

Best Essay
I think that my best essay is Essay 1-02b: Extended Uni. Life Essay. Because it is long essay. Before I wrote this essay, I wrote Essay 1-02: University Life. So this essay is extend before essay. It is more detail than before essay. Essay 1-02: University Life

Overall Essay Developments
I had to write many words when I write essays. At first, I couldn't write many words. But writing essay was good oppotunity to write long essay. Finally I could write 1067 words! I was very surprised! Also I had using computer skill thanks to it. I want to write more long essays in 2nd semester.

1.2. Book Review Showcase

Best Book Review
I think that my best book review is BR 1-05: The United Nations. Because this book is longest book in I had ever read book for book review. And it is my favorite book. Also I could write most words in all book review.
1-05: The United Nations
Overall Book Review Developments
I don't like to read books. So always I give up to read book. So I tried to read low level book at first. I tried to read high level book step by step. Thanks to it, I could understand story and I could know new words. I want to read more high level book in 2nd semester.

2.0. 2nd Semester Portfolio

You can see my portfolio of August to January in second semester. Add you can see number of blog posts, totals words, in and out comment, book reviews, essays etc... You can see all my work in second semester. I posted many blog at December. I posted 25 post at a month because December had winter vacation so I had many free time. And I was in a hurry to post blog because posting deadline was until January. Deadline  was very near and blog post number was few at that time. So I many posted in December.

2.1. Essay Showcase

Best Essay
I think that my best essay is Essays 2-03b: Learning with Computers. Because I wrote this essay as final essay so I especially put a great deal of effort into this essay to write. I wrote many informations about computers in this essay.

Overall Essay Developments
Writing long essay was very difficult. For example, there were many miss spelling and miss taken grammar as my mistake in essays. It is difficult to rewrite by only myself. But Mr. Beaufait gave me advice in my essay to more improve my essay. Thanks to him, I could wrote more better essay than before essay. Thanks to it, I could realized my mistakes. Writing essay became my good opportunity to skill up my writing ability.

2.2. Book Review Showcase

Best Book Review
I think my best essay is BR 2-06: Narnia ~The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe~ . I chose this book because this book is my favorite book. This book told me many morals. I learned many things. I like this book's story and contents. This book is constructed by many stories. If you want to read many stories, I recommend you to read this book because you can read many stories in only a this book.

Overall Book Review Developments
 I challenged to read high level book in 2nd semester. I read easy level's book in 1st semester. So I think I could have reading ability thanks to book reviews. Reading book helped me to know new words and English grammar.  I think I want to try reading English book from now on too!

2.3. Additional Highlights and Reflections

Writing class was good class. Thanks to it, I could learning how to use computers. At first, I couldn't understand using computers, but I could do it little by little. I think using computer is very important. The ability of using computer will be need by working company.  I think I have to more practice using computers. Also looking friend's blog was fun. I felt  having jointly informations with friends is important too.  

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