Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My favorite movie

Recently, I watched a movie titled "Vitus" and liked it very much.
The story is about a boy who is highly-gifted at piano playing.
His parents gave him gifted education, and he used to play the piano for his parents.
He, however, came to dislike playing the piano, so he decided to quit and have a normal childhood.
It was when he distanced himself from piano playing that he understood the meaning of an advice saying, "Play the piano for yourself," for the very first time.
He then began to play the instrument again, but this time for himself.

I was moved by the idea that it is very important to do something for yourself, no matter what it is. Anyway this movie is really appealing, so if you were interested in this movie, I recommend that you should watch this movie. I'm sure that you'll like this movie. Please give it a try.

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