Thursday, January 28, 2016

My club

On December 18rd, my club, which is named the Modern Folk Association, held a concert that was our 48th FOLK JAMBOREE. This concert is the biggest and the most important event for our club. It was held in the Kumamoto City International Center. I was in one band, so I played four songs. I played the guitar, and the Songs wereRend Collective - Build Your Kingdom Here, You Are The Fire - Acquire, Sixpence None The Richer - There She Goes and Someday Soon. Our club plays western music that uses acoustic guitar, so these songs are western music.

I went to the Kumamoto City International Center early morning, and prepared for the concert. The concert started at 17:30, and it finished at 21:00. I worked and played music very seriously, but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed talking with the 3rd and 4th year students because 3rd year students graduated from club after this concert, and this concert is the final concert for 4th year students. I felt sad because I didn't meet them everyday.

We had a party to celebrate the successful completion of our project downtown after the final concert. We drank, talked together, laughed and cried, and enjoyed the party. I drank a lot, too. This day was a wonderful day for me. I will never forget this day. Thank you.

My favorite circle is Modern Folk Association, and I call it “Modern”. I take part in this circle. It has 22 people, three 4th year students, four 3th year students, seven second year students, and seven freshmen. One student studying abroad joined the club. Her name is Kensey and she is a good-looking person. Everyone is on good terms with the other club members. Modern holds a concert about every three months. We make some bands and play three to four western songs that use acoustic guitars. I play the guitar and I like to sing very much. Recently I was praised by club members, so I like it more and more and practice harder than before. I like my circle members. They are very funny, very interesting, and so crazy. I often get together with them and I always laugh. I like the time that I spend time with them. I want to stay in this club until I graduate from this university.

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