Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I recommend "Mononoke-hime," or "Princess Mononoke" for the English version.

It is an animated film created by a Japanese famous animation studio,"Studio Ghibli."
What I like about this film is that it makes me think about what it is to "live."

The story is set in the 1300-1500s Japan.
Ashitaka, the hero of this movie, comes across the conflicts between a group of industrial people and a forest tribe including spirits of animals and forests and Mononoke-hime, the heroine. He tries to promote reconciliation between them, but they have their own interests and won't listen to him.

A thought-provoking point of this film is that Ashitaka can understands either side's interests.
Being a member of agricultural people himself, he knows human beings need to clear-cut forests for the sake of their cultural development while he recognizes the importance of forests.

I bet this film will give you something to think about what it is to live.

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