Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Japanese culture!

Japanese culture embraces the traditional culture which prioritizes society and many subcultures which are getting popular recently. If I may choose the advantage points of Japan, it would probably be food, 4 seasons, and each one of unique places. There are some not safety areas and bad incidents, but Japan can be said relatively safety area if I compare with other countries. Taking a bow in Japanese culture is originated from admiring others, not to look good for others. Everybody thinks Japanese people like Manga and Anime, but it is not for everybody. Don't worry about food in Japan, because there is a wide variety of food selection from many countries. Don't worry if Japanese people don't talk a lot to you, it does not mean they hate you. If you come and visit Japan, I'd suggest you to come in spring. You are okay to make sounds when you eat noodles in Japan. I am proud of the Japanese culture helping each other, often seen in the time when the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami disaster happened. 

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