Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tonari no Totoro

I watched Tonari no Totoro with my friend. It is an animated film created by a Japanese famous animation. This movie was moved. I am the type of person who becomes easily moved and touched by a movie. This movie is not only beautiful, but also delicate. The movie is boring to me so I do not recommend you watching it. It is interesting. Watching a movie in a theater is much better than watching it on TV because the scale is much different.

A story is introduced. Totoro is a forest spirit. Mei is the heroine, and later her older sister Satsuki. There is often a city legend on television, but I do not believe it. This story is fantasy.

I recommend “Tonari no Totoro” or “My Neighbor Totoro” for English version. I best this film will give you something to think about the family's importance.

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