Thursday, January 7, 2016

Have a happy new year!

Happy New year! May this year be happy.
I wish this year will be the happiest and best for you.
In Japan, the time period of January is called "oshougatsu" especially from January 1st to 7th.
Oshougatsu in Japan is an event for the family, much like Christmas in the foreign country.
Many companies and shops are closed for the first three days of the year.
It is said that oshougatsu was originally a festival to welcome Toshigami, a Shintogod, and to pray for a rich harvest for the year.Now, it is an event to celebrate the new year.
The first Shinto shrine or temple visit is called hatsumoude. "Hatsu" means the first.
On Hatsumoude, many people buy omamori, good luck charms, or draw their fortunes or omikuji.
I went to the Kikuch Shinto shrine and pulled a sacred lot.
The result was Lucky in the End.
Popular New year's gourmet includes osechi or zoni.
I don't like osechi. But, I have to eat that. There are variety of dishes within osechi.
Each dish is symbolic, such as herring egg, which symbolizes a wish to be gifted with numerous children in the New Year, or shrimps, which symbolize a wish for longevity.
I like zoni. Zoni is a sup containing rice cakes. The ingredients differ depending on the region and families.
Be the age that 2016 has good for all of you.

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