Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I went shopping the day before yesterday. I went to Tenjin of Fukuoka after an interval of three years. I went on the car of the boyfriend to Fukuoka, but I have slept in a car because I was tired. I went at first to eat lunch in Fukuoka Parco when I arrived at Fukuoka. A lot of crowds were not able to readily eat lunch. However, I was satisfied because I was able to eat my favorite pasta. I did shopping afterwards in Fukuoka Parco. Therefore I bought the birthday present of the boyfriend. But, I told a lie that I came to buy the present of the older brother to do a surprise. I think to hand it there because there is Valentine in February. Selection of his present has taken time than one's shopping after all. But the croissant which is delicious to return is satisfied with me because you were able to buy it. And there was the spring of the rain jacket when the returns walked the Metro of Tenjin. When it was small, I remembered that I looked, but I photographed it in memory, and I returned to Kumamoto. The weather was bad weather, but spent the happy day when it was that it was dated, and I was very good with the boyfriend. If everybody has an opportunity, please go out to Fukuoka to play. Thank you.

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