Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Freedom Writers!

Today, I want to talk about the movie 'Freedom Writers', which I saw the other day.
This movie picks up American problems in detail, such as students' poor life, domestic violence, racial antagonism, guns and drugs. It is a very interesting movie.
A newly hired teacher, Erin of whom Hilary Wang is playing a role, is astonished by the environments of the students she is in charge of. But she does her best to save the students who are holding their own problems. Erin knew their circumstances and their background, made them understand each other, made trials and errors, and changed them little by little. By lessons which were not in the curriculum, Erin had a hard time in educating them earnestly though the movie shows only a light side, I imagine. I was really moved to know that we must do whatever we must, and that we should do the things we think right like this teacher.

We can hardly increase time for students sacrificing our happy married life. I think that the students were happy to meet Erin, and I appreciate those who changed themselves.

This is a movie which makes us consider what we should do to solve conflicts by picking up the troubles and worries of each character and stepping into the racial problems. Anyway this movie is really appealing, so if you were interested in this movie, I recommend that you should watch this movie. I'm sure that you'll like this movie. Please give it a try. Thank you.

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