Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Okinawa and Kumamoto!!!

My favorite place is Okinawa and Kumamoto. A lot of people seem to think Okinawa is very warm place. I don't think so because Okinawa's temperature is lower than Kumamoto's in the summer, and there is a pleasant cool breeze in Okinawa. Furthermore, Kumamoto is mote humid than Okinawa. So I always feel Kumamoto is hotter than Okinawa in the summer. I think there are some reasons why Okinawa is cooler than Kumamoto. I guess Okinawa has even ground, do it is easy for the breeze to blow while Kumamoto is in a basin. If you feel hot in Kumamoto, I recommend you visit Okinawa. I like Kumamoto.  Kumamoto's castle is beautiful.
The cherry tree which can be judged from Kumamoto's castle is beautiful in particular. I'd like also to go to flower viewing next year.
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