Monday, November 30, 2015


I went to Kagoshima for the first. And I took the first Shinkansen.
When I came down to Kagoshima Central Station, there was a Ferris wheel in immediateness.
Everything saw for the first time, and I was in trouble. An accent of Kagoshima was wonderful, and a person around was a little afraid. However I have traveled alone for the first time.
I enjoyed a building in Kagoshima Central Station fully until late evening.

It was said to be Christmas soon and there was a large Christmas tree. This is picture. It is wonderful. How does everyone have time at Christmas of this year? The Christmas Eve unfortunately which is this year is school. I may be one at Christmas of this year.

There was an acquaintance in Kagoshima, so I stayed in acquaintance's house. I stayed slowly at the house on the next day. But a launch went to a yakiniku restaurant. It was expected to go to a fashionable cafe actually. The cafe there is popular. So it was stopped fully. But meat from yakiniku restaurant was good, so it was good consequently. I stayed a trip for one day, so I thought I'd like to see the sights of Kagoshima slowly this time. I'd like to go to Kagoshima. And, I want to travel alone. It was good trip alone. How about traveling everyone alone as well?

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