Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy day!!!

I met a best friend of a high school after a long time and eat lunch.
A best friend became more beautiful than time of the high school.
Print club was taken with best friend. This is picture. The right is and the left is a best friend. The latest print club is wonderful.
An eye will be big and skin becomes white. Everyone comes out in print club beautifully.
A best friend stayed in my house. So I spoke while drinking liquor. A best friend said that boyfriend wanted. A best friend is a Child minder so that there are no a wonderful encounter.
We went to a pub on the next day. So there was a miraculous encounter. I am thankful for an encounter. I went to a hot spring with the people who came at a pub this time.
A hot spring is pleasant. I support best friend's love. If the boyfriend can be made a best friend, it's that I am lonely but happy. It's wished that I have a nice encounter too.
This one day was a wonderful day for me and a best friend.

A hot spring writes a blog at this time again.

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