Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Essays 2-03b: Learning with computer

It has various masks with a computer to incline.Please firstly take it around profit.It is very convenient for many people now to decline with a computer.It that the people often use the computer on they life is very almost necessary because of human life.Of course, it is advantageous in that such many with a computer to incline.

Because I could get much information and could talk with my friend who lived in the distance using Skype, they liked what used the computer, but I had a headache in the back using the computer.They comply with a use computer well, and They must study it more because there is not it.They often play music to use it for a house and work and refer to a website.

Because my typing speed seems to be slow, the domestic work spends much time when They does it because I am very particular about me.
In late years our thing inputting speed feels it immediately because there is few it when They is very happy.They like seeing a website matches blog and YouTube of your friend.
When there is free time in They, They goes to YouTube and watches the movie of the singer whom I love.It is my joy.They think that a computer is very useful.

Then, please take it around disadvantage.The person is a time loss. Of course, the computer is so convenience, but does not enter most time to set up they computer.The typing report of the homework by using a word of the application is so convenience and is fast. However, it does not need time prepared by handwriting if you collect handwriting when you must do your homework. Please almost take time if you do not use the computer for our inclining.

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