Friday, November 27, 2015

Churaumi aquarium

They favorite place are Okinawa. A lot of people seem to think Okinawa is very warm place. They don't think so because Okinawa's temperature are lower than Kumamoto's in the summer, and there is a pleasant cool breeze in Okinawa. Furthermore, Kumamoto is mote humid than Okinawa. So I always feel Kumamoto is hotter than Okinawa in the summer. They think there are some reasons why Okinawa is cooler than Kumamoto. They guess Okinawa has even ground, do it is easy for the breeze to blow while Kumamoto is in a basin. If you feel hot in Kumamoto, They recommend you visit Okinawa.

  Sometimes my friends ask me where they should visit if they go to Okinawa. I always recommend Chatan town to them. They think it is a very interesting town because there is an American village. There are a lot of shops that aren't in Japan, and there is a beautiful sea that is called Sunset beach and you can see lots of Americans there. They recommend you go to Yogurt Land which sells frozen yogurt. They can choose toppings and tastes, and you make your own special parfait. It's very delicious. Sunset beach has very beautiful view. There is close to the East China Sea, so you can see the sunset.

The Churaumi aquarium is an interesting place, too. It has a very big water tank, and this water tank is the biggest in Japan. And you can see a dolphin show that is called the Okichan show. It's very exciting and the dolphins are very cute. Souvenirs sold in there are interesting and delicious.

 Naha is the most famous and prosperous place in Okinawa, and lots of tourists visit there. There are lots of playgrounds and shops that sell souvenirs. They like Kokusai Street because there are funny stores in there. For example, one store sells accessories that were made a used bullet. Some guys think that is cool.

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