Wednesday, November 25, 2015

BR-2-17: Stories of dogs

  This book has three stories about dogs play an active part. First is "Top dog". I think Sprite is very kind dog because if I were him, I would bite the smelly man and Lady. I don't know why Nick didn't realize Sprite's sore paw. I think Sprite is poor dog! Lady Fifi Bonbon is so important-looking and talk big, and she got a prize. But Sprite cached the smelly man, so he got a prize. I felt happy. Next story is "Titch to the rescue". Titch is very cute dog. He is a good dog. Last story is "Trouble at Tike's". I like this story the most. Eight dogs join forces and drove Mr. Wink and Mrs. Hood out of their house.
Punter, Russell. (2007). Stories of dogs.  London : Usborne
(132/7700 words)

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