Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I watched the "Cool hand Luke". The main character is Luke Jackson. The contents of a story are that Luke receives a penalty of two years for damaging public property. He got drunk at midnight and damaged a parking meter. A scene changes his mother comes. A mother is sick and doesn't live and a letter tells that his mother passed away has come. Luke shed tears. And Luke resists from here. A prisoner has to sleep at the 8 p.m., but the prisoners trick as guard. He run through a railroad track and swims in the river, but he is caught and is chained hand and foot. And Luke works with his feet in chains, but he says that he would like to urinate and hide behind a bush. While he hid, he thought about escape. But, he escaped, but has been caught. And it was led to two chains and he was hit by a guard. He didn’t believe in God, but every time he was hit, Luke requests help from God. The guards thought that nobody would escape after that, but Luke escaped again. It is his third escape. At the end, Luke was shot by a guard in a prison. Luke was killed while smiling. The prisoners don't forget that Luke was always smiling in his face. Prisoners rose tension by talk of a Luke. I felt the men's strong warm friendship in this movie. They enjoy in earnest and support each other. I am attracted to this. Although Luke died at the end and I shocked about it, I am fascinated by Luke. I think that Luke taught us that he had human strength. I want to see various movies. I want to learn various points of view to see the movie of various genres.
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