Thursday, October 22, 2015

My favorite person

My favorite person is a family and a boyfriend.
As for my family, father, mother, an older brother are two people and younger sisters. It is six families. I think that brother’s relation is good, but there are many quarrels. It should be 3 years old distant and quarreled with the younger sister. Because I live alone, I cannot meet and seem to feel lonely now. I thought that such a place was pretty. I am close to father, mother and go for shopping with mother well. The selection of clothes entrusts mother.
My boyfriend is a freshman. A partner was reliable just when I thought that I did not pull it because I was younger. I am like a younger person now. It is the boyfriend who I am very tender, and takes good care of me.
If I make graduation from university and find a job, I regard marriage as him. I tell parents for the moment. I am all wind, but I pray for this really coming true at now. A family and a boyfriend are the people who are important for me.
Pictures are I and a nephew.
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