Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My favorite character

My favorite character is Chopper. He is very famous character because he is a character of One Piece that is very popular manga among young people. He is a kind and frail reindeer. His nose color is blue, so he was bullied another reindeer. He was alone. But when he ate a fruit that has mysterious power, he could speak language and transform his body. So he was drove out of a reindeer group, but he met his valuable people. He fight enemy now to defend his valuable people. I like him very much because his figure is very cute, so I bout a lot of his goods. When I was tired, I see his goods and feel relax. He always heals me. Another reason is he is so strong. He has a bitter past, but he never says complaint. And he loved his valuable people. These are reason why I like him.
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