Wednesday, October 28, 2015

BR 2-10: The Snow Queen

BR2-10 The Snow Queen
     This is a girl's brave story. I think a wicked demon's thinking that made a magic mirror and show it off the angels is interesting because I can image easy what is reflected in the mirror. I think the demons are reflected because the magic mirror made everything good look twisted and ugly. I didn't know why the snow queen didn't carry off Kay when they met first time. I expect that she carries off only wicked person. And I didn't understand why Kai tied his sled to the snow-white sleigh. He is crazy when the splinter of glass. I like the princess, the robber girl, the woman, and the Finn woman because they are very kind person. Gerda should gratitude for them. I surprised that Gerda is very strong girl! She did dangerous adventures and fighting. I respected her.
Sims, Lesley. The Snow Queen. 2006. London: Usborne.
(148/ 4124 words)

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