Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Good day

I played with the friend of the high school the other day.
At first I went to the shop called Pony.
Therefore I drank six articles of dishes and liquor.
Because the liquor was contained, I talked in various ways. I had a very nice time. Because a dish was the dessert that the last was popular among the women called the pancake only with a healthy thing, I was glad at all.
However, liquor swallowed us up and went to the different shop that I ran out.
I went to the very strange shop called Ninja Yashiki House. The menu was made in rolled drapery, too and when there was a salesclerk, I attached the end of a word and was interesting. Because it could take with a bonsai of the Katos from a menu because I wanted to eat liquor and sweets, I asked for it. However, the dish was like the appearance bonsai and was surprised. It was very delicious. A salesclerk of Ninja Yashiki House was very tender and was interesting. By the way, one salesclerk came to our room and did a magic. I asked it to work as seed Akashi only for surprise, but it was said that ten times came. In addition, I want to go to this shop.
It was a very good day.
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