Wednesday, October 28, 2015

BR 2-09: Aladdin & His Magical Lamp

BR2-09: Aladdin & His Magical Lamp
     There was a lazy boy named Aladdin. He lived with his mother and his mother was in despire because Aladdin didn't work. One day, Abanazar met Aladdin and said "I'm your father's long-lost brother!". He invited Aladdin to supper, but he was a wicked magisian! Aladdin felt into the trap, but he survived and came home. One day, Aladdin saw Badr who was princess. He felt in love with her and married her. Abanazar and his brother tried to kill Aladdin, but they was killed by Aladdin. After that Aladdin and Badr lived happily. I don't like Aladdin because he can't do his all thing without his mother. He asked his mother to meet Badr's father and give him some jewels to marry Badr. He didn't do anything! I thought he is too lazy. If I were a princess, I wouldn't marry him. I think Aladdin can't live without his mother and genie.
Daynes, Katie. Aladdin & His Magical Lamp. 2007. London: Usborne.
(163/3757 words)

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