Wednesday, September 30, 2015

20 years old

I became 20 years old.
I went for a coming-of-age ceremony of January 12.
I met the classmate of the elementary school and the classmate of the junior high school after a long absence. I met the friend of the high school several times, but was not identified as makeup in a long-sleeved kimono. Everybody was very beautiful. I wore it, and a long-sleeved kimono was serious with makeup and a set of the hair in the morning. Lunch went to show a grandmother a long-sleeved kimono figure. Then I ate rice in families and drank wine finally. I loved white wine very, and I drank one cup by a celebration. It was very delicious.
I went to eat rice with the teacher who was taken care of with the friend of the high school at the age of a high school at night. I did the figure of the long-sleeved kimono until a while ago, but I turned into plain clothes this time, and an impression changed again. But the contents did not change even if the figure changed. I felt it to be miss you. It was the feeling that totally returned to a high school student. I spent a very good day.
In addition, I want to go to rice with the member of this high school.

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