Sunday, July 27, 2014

BR-1-14 Peacekeepers

BR1-14 Peacekeepers
One of the first things peacekeepers do is to help people stay safe. ----P8, L1.
I know and am interested in peacekeepers after I read this book because this book was written about them easy to understand. They are doing a lot of things in the countries where there is fighting or war like Guatemala, Sierra Leone, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, East Timor, and so on. They try to help people stay safe and rebuild the country’s roads and bridges. They also help to give people clean water and take care of refugees, and they build houses so people have somewhere to live. I think their jobs are so hard because real peace takes time, and rebuilding places and rebuilding trust takes time. And they couldn’t meet their family while they do their works. I really respect them.
Trussell-Cullen, Alan. 2007. Peacekeepers. Thomson Learning Australia.

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