Tuesday, May 27, 2014

BR 1-04 Little bear

Little Bear
“Oh, that was fun,” said little bear. “And then you came with the cake. You always make me happy.”P60.
 I read this book first time, and I have really taken to this book because Mother Bear and Little Bear’s talking are so cute. So I’m interested in it. Little Bear said Mother Bear “I want something to put on.” when it was a cold day, so Mother Bear gave something to wear for her Little Bear. Little Bear put on a hat, a coat and snow pants, so Mother Bear said “Do you want a fur coat, too?” Then, Little Bear said “yes”, so Mother Bear took the hat, the coat, and the snow pants, and said “See, there is the fur coat.” Little Bear was glad, and he was not cold. I think Little Bear is little fool, but he is very lovely.
Minarik, Holmelund, Else. 1957. Little Bear. HarperCollins Publishers.
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  1. Hi Kazuyo,

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